The original, versatile and unpredictable Brooklyn-bred, Otis Bruno, is dropping a crazy new track, “Butta Butta”, set to spark a new wave t. It features Corey Finesse, giving the track that Brooklyn co-sign with Bleezy, making this a united movement picking up the Brooklyn torch.

The video depicts and epitomizes the crazy world of Otis Bruno, straight crazy! He comes with a new sound and lyrical theme that comes off as shocking, maybe even vulgar at times, but ends up being an interesting "hood" tale of sexual prowess and lifestyle. Otis Bruno is a blend of creativity and a little flash, but will hit you out of nowhere with his honest lyricism.

“'Butta Butta' is a lifestyle to me…like anything dats 'Lit' is 'Butta Butta'. Dem new J’s Frie..dats ‘Butta Butta’ dats ‘Butta Butta”. Shawty on the block fine..she ‘Butta Butta’ I’m on the block wit dat work..dat ‘Butta Butta’. So, basically, apply it how you want to. I’m applying it to life! Expect a lot of fun music from me this year. Expect my EP to be crazy fun! We coming!”

"Butta Butta" is the new single off the new EP, "Crazy Ni##a". On the project, Otis Bruno teams up with indie label and brand experts, Street Science Ent., based out of Houston, TX. Street Science Ent. is a collaborative of industry influencers united to develop music artists hitting the "mainstream" independently, which explains the hint of southern flavor in the Brooklyn bred artist's sound.

Otis, aka iLL-O, is no stranger to the industry lime light, having gotten a taste of fame with rap group ‘PNG’ (Persona Non Grata) and their dance hit “Uncle Black” and “This Party Sucks”. PNG got their first big break selling out Brooklyn College, catching the attention of the New York Daily News, NBC, Regis & Kelly, Power 105, and Hot 97’s Dj Cipha Sounds.

Cipha Sounds, quoted in the New York Daily News, encountered the track at one of many alcohol-free under-21 nightclub events."I pride myself on a competitive edge," Cipha Sounds says, "playing so well that the guy coming on after me is going to have a hard time playing. And the guy comes on after me - he didn't even seem like he was nervous or anything - and he played that PNG record and the crowd went crazy. And I get p- off. I'm like, 'What is this? Why don't I know about this?' The group PNG tragically ended due to the death of one of the main members, Ivo Dinero.

Otis Bruno grew up in Brownsville's Marcus Garvey Village in Brooklyn and later moved to Florida for part of high school, but eventually wound up back in the borough. He was an outgoing kid that used his surroundings to develop his craft. Even though Otis had a great foundation provided by his parents, through poverty, early on, he was exposed to the harsh realities of life. Through this, Otis says he can only describe his sound as just a variation of what he was exposed to in his life. It gave him the ability to develop crazy trendy viral tracks and still be able to flip it to deliver heart felt tracks that relay real life circumstances, something that the general public can understand.

With his new EP this fall, he hopes that people will come to understand more about his style and what he represents. “I wanted this mixtape to represent me, what I’m about. Crazy! 'Butta Butta!'”

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